Ironman World Championships 2020 | Kona, HI

Each year the top triathletes from around the globe gather in Kona, Hawaii for a single challenge to compete for the most coveted title in triathlon, Ironman World Champion. The big island of Hawaii provides an ultimate testing ground where athletes are required to continually push their bodies to their red line time and time again. As the birthplace of Ironman competition, Kona has seen the broad spectrum of highs and lows; Some athlete struggle to navigate the open water of the Pacific while others crack under the brutal heat of the long Mauna Kea Highway. A special few however are able to perform at seemingly superhuman levels, pulling away from the group to claim a prize that requires years and years of training to obtain.

In 2019, I had the opportunity to dive into the mind South African, ENVE athlete James Cunnama during the week leading up to race day.

The first short film was captured and edited in the 5 days prior to the race. It's followed by a gallery of images from race day.

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