If you haven't had the chance to watch a live professional criterium race then you should go find the next one closest to you. A 30mph flyby from the main pack of these road warriors will make you second guess that road cycling is easy or boring. Hairpin turns and sharp street corners become new monsters while racing elbow to elbow in a 50+ person peloton. Sitting on the inside of any corner will leave you anxious as it takes only a small miscalculation to cause a pile up. Anything less than full commitment to their line will cause a rider to find themselves at the bottom of a mess of gears, wheel, and pain. 

Stage 4 of the Tour of Utah took top professional cyclists through 10 laps of a 6.8 mile circuit through the state capital of  Salt Lake City. The course began and finished with a grueling uphill climb that would then wind its way through the steeps of the Avenues and eventually wrap itself back through downtown SLC. Big lungs, strong legs, and some bravery would be required to claim the top spot of this stage.

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